SEM Waterbehandeling B.V. and SanEcoTec – Partners in SPI


  • Developed by the company Kramer Procestechniek in the early 80s
  • SPI stands for Special Precious Instruments
  • Development, production and sale of measurement and control systems in water treatment (drinking, swimming pool and process water)
  • Since 2013 the SPI is owned by SPI Technology Ltd
  • SPI Technology is a joint venture between the Canadian company SanEcoTec and the Dutch company SEM Waterbehandeling B.V


  • the company’s central warehouse is located in Veldhoven (NL) where all the products, accessories and spare parts are stocked
  • Development and production of SPI products in close collaboration with SanEcoTec takes place in Veldhoven


  • Latest generation of photometric technology
  • Ideale water quality control
  • Superior regulation capacities for maintaining this quality