What do we do?

Our mission is the treatment of (swimming pool) water using our unique monitoring, regulating and dosing equipment. By way of swimming pool constructors, we deliver our equipment to public swimming pools, such as those found in campgrounds, hotels and swimming schools, and to recreational swimming pools and tropical aquatic parks. The advice and service provided by SEM Waterbehandeling contributes to the maintenance of optimal water quality that conforms to the legal regulations for professional swimming pools. Outstanding technical knowledge is not only important for the construction of a swimming pool but also, after construction, for its operation. This is also true for applications in drinking and processing water in which chlorine and alternative disinfectants, such as hydrogen peroxide, are used to prevent the spread of Legionella, for example.
Our slogan, ‘to measure is to know’ is and remains extremely important. Our highly accurate measurement and control systems help us bring this slogan to life.
And in the future, safe and clean (swimming) water will continue to be our goal.  


Chlorine is, and will remain, a necessary evil. Our vision is to keep the use of chlorine in the water to a minimum, as long as doing so does not pose any risks to the health of the users.
In the future, SEM Waterbehandeling will continue to work on the further development of our advanced photometric equipment for monitoring the use of chlorine or other alternative disinfectants, such as stabilised hydrogen peroxide, which may be permitted in the future.