Accessories Flow Control

Saddle with st├╝tze for flow sensor 8020 and 8041

For the assembly of the flow sensor 8020 and 8041 into the pipe.

Available in pipe size 50 until 250mm.

Flow sensor 8020

Sensor paddle wheel. Fitting with saddle and Stütze.


 Installation flow sensor 8020.pdf (575.77 kB)

Flowsensor type SN 10350

-Flow measurement according to the calorific  principle;
-No moving parts
-Easy to mount on standard 1/2 "saddle;
-Supply voltage 24Vdc / 100mA;
-Measuring range 0-3m / s, 4-20 mA output signal;
-Reading on SEM Flow Control 2000 and  SEM SPI 170
- Insertion length: 60mm



 Installation and manual SN10350.pdf (400.60 kB)

Flow Control sensor 8041, magnetic inductive

Magnetic inductive sensor with no moving parts. Suitable for dirty water. Fitting with saddle and Stütze.


 Installation and manual 8041.pdf (630.27 kB)