Advice about water treatment

Contact to SEM Waterbehandeling to ensure the quality and safety of your swimming pool water. Based on an extensive water analysis we always come to a correct and practical solution. After all, to measure is to know.

  • Solutions for water quality issues
  • Extensive analyses for water reports BAL15 / VLAREM II
  • Optimisation of automatic monitoring and dosing (fine-tuning)
  • Professional advice in case of calamities

All this we will do in collaboration with our partners (such as installers, swimming pool constructors etc.)

Technical drawing and engineering work for water treatment system

We not only offer professional advice about the quality of your swimming water. Our design department can also assist you in the engineering of an effective water treatment system that complies with the Flemish (VLAREM II) or the Dutch (BAL15) legislation. We will also give practical advice.

Water optimisation
Independent advice for the perfect water quality in order to conform to all legal requirements (W.H.V.B.Z and VLAREM II).