Service and maintenance: guarantee for continuity

The service and maintenance of your water treatment equipment is an important part of SEM Waterbehandeling. As an owner or manager, you do not want to spend a lot of time attending to your installation. Continuity is an important factor. If you have to close your swimming pool or facility, this has economic consequences and this is bad advertising. With preventive maintenance, you can prevent breakdowns and calamities.

Help Desk for breakdowns during office hours

Experiencing a breakdown or calamity? Contact our Help Desk during office hours at: +31 (0)40 257 03 40. We will try to solve the problem over the telephone. If that does not work, we’ll schedule a visit from one of our maintenance technicians.

  • Spare parts in stock in our warehouse
  • Rapid price estimates for diagnosis/repair
  • Temporary replacement parts

Breakdowns outside of office hours

Are you experiencing an urgent problem in the evening, at night or in the weekend?
Call our special emergency number, +31 (0)40 257 03 40, and leave a voice message. We will contact you as soon as possible. We will try to solve the problem over the telephone. If that does not work, we’ll make an appointment for a visit from one of our maintenance technicians.

Your swimming pool’s measurement and control system in top condition

Whether you have an SPI 170, an SPI hand-held meter, a peristaltic pump or Flow Control – or any other of our devices – be sure to have them regularly maintained to ensure safe operation and optimum performance. We always recommend a minimum of one servicevisit per year (depending on the device).

  • Reduced chance of breakdowns
  • Increases your safety
  • Extends the service life of your devices
  • Ensures consistent water quality without worries

Discover the benefits of a maintenance contract!

For the water treatment goes : prevention is better than cure .With preventive maintenance, you can protect your systems from breakdowns and calamities. SEM Waterbehandeling can offer you a maintenance contract. We inspect your equipment periodically. During these periodic inspections, we perform the following work:

  • Visual inspection of the installation
  • Comprehensive inspection according to a checklist
  • Equipment testing and calibration
  • Replacement or repair of parts
  • Checks for safety and proper operation
  • Instructions for operating personnel

24/7 Availability
Emergency support that is available day and night. Our specialists are always ready to assist.