Break Tank

The SEM Water Treatment Break Tank is a universal break tank specially designed for use where separation between (drinking) water and (swimming or process) water is needed.

The Breaktank from SEM Waterbehandeling is designed according to the new European standard. This break tank provides the necessary interruption between (drinking) water and swimming pool water. As standard, the SEM break tank is equipped with a universal level control with a pressure sensor for the level in the reservoir. A float is provided for switching on the pump, which can be placed in the basin. In addition, two solenoid valves can be controlled and a potential-free contact potential-free contact is available that switches when the pump is running. The compact break tank has an adjustable filling time protection. The delivery pump has a capacity of 5 to 45 l / min at a delivery head of 11 to 28 m and is protected against dry running.


The Break Tank can be used for the following processes:

  • Swimming pool water treatment
  • Other installations which, according to European standards, must be automatically supplied.